The piano is a great jump off point for the study of all other instruments. At Joyful Noise, we teach students to learn to read notes in the Treble and Bass Clefs while also learning improvisation and songwriting. The piano is physically easy to play from the very beginning, making it much quicker than any other instrument to create sound. This is great for those who need immediate satisfaction and reinforces desire to play more often. The piano or keyboard is also great for understanding how music works, visually the piano gives everyone patterns that help students see music in a linear way. The most important part of piano is the use of both hands, which develops the left-right brain communication.

At Joyful Noise, we focus on fundamentals of good piano playing while introducing modern or popular music that students want to learn or currently listen to. This approach keeps students excited and earns them recognition from their peers. Students will learn sight-reading, theory, chords, transposition, and improvisation. Most commonly we use three books in each lesson: Lesson Book, Performance(Recital) Book and Theory Book.  At Joyful Noise, we use several different curriculums, so the individual teacher will decide which particular one fits the student.  We also try to have many books on hand so that it is convenient to purchase your books at our studio, rather than finding time to run to a music store.

Keyboards Vs. Pianos

Historically acoustic pianos have been the instrument of choice for most lessons. But recent technology has lead to digital pianos that have sampled sound from the world’s finest concert grand pianos. These keyboards are fun and provide an opportunity for an intense and special learning experience, where students can use many voices built into these electronic keyboards, making them into any instrument, band or orchestra.  Some of these instruments they have never even heard of. At Joyful Noise, we have both, so that our students have the opportunity to play on a real acoustic piano and experience the keyboard technology so they do not miss out on the fun.

How Do Lessons Work

Step 1 – Call Us

The best way to get started with lessons for yourself or a child is to give our friendly staff a call at 806-792-9300.

Step 2 – Pick Your Instrument

We have a lot of instruments to choose from. If you know which one you or your child wants to learn, perfect! If not, don’t worry we can help you figure out the best fit. 

Step 3 – Pick A Time

Once you know the right instrument, our staff can work with you to find the perfect teacher and time that best fits your or your child’s personality as well as schedule. Most people do one 30 minute lesson per week. However, we can tailor your plan to your needs.

Step 4 – Register

Now that you have a teacher and a time picked, the registration process is a breeze. The staff will help you fill out the super fast registration form and get you or your child on the schedule and in the system!

Step 5 – Have Fun

The last thing to do now is come to your lesson time ready to have fun and accomplish that dream!!











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