The flute is a beautiful instrument used in so many different areas.  A great contribution to any band or orchestra, the flute may also be used as a solo instrument for weddings, funerals, special events and more.  The flute has a gorgeous low register, producing deep melodic tones.  The higher register is unsurpassed by any other instrument and stands out beautifully.  Flute lessons at Joyful Noise will help any student reach their goals to achieve a  position in an elite group, such as All-Region, All-State or UIL Solo and Ensemble.

Learning Process

  1. Learn to correctly hold the flute, as well as put it together and take apart, without damaging the keys.
  2. Proper placement of fingers on the keys.  This is very important, because when placed on the keys correctly, this enables a student to play very fast when they are older and playing much more difficult music.
  3. Tone quality is of upmost importance to the flute sound.  Instructors will teach the flute student to play with the best possible tone, using proper techniques.  
  4. Breathing techniques
  5. Scales, etudes and music that will enhance the students playing ability, as well as theory knowledge.

    How Do Lessons Work

    Step 1 – Call Us

    The best way to get started with lessons for yourself or a child is to give our friendly staff a call at 806-792-9300.

    Step 2 – Pick Your Instrument

    We have a lot of instruments to choose from. If you know which one you or your child wants to learn, perfect! If not, don’t worry we can help you figure out the best fit. 

    Step 3 – Pick A Time

    Once you know the right instrument, our staff can work with you to find the perfect teacher and time that best fits yours or your child’s personality as well as schedule. Most people do one 30 minute lesson per week. However, we can tailor your plan to your needs.

    Step 4 – Register

    Now that you have a teacher and a time picked, the registration process is a breeze. The staff will help you fill out the super fast registration form and get you or your child on the schedule and in the system!

    Step 5 – Have Fun

    The last thing to do now is come to your lesson time ready to have fun and accomplish that dream!!











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