Drums alive is an amazing program that was developed by Carrie Ekins, who is the owner and CEO of the company.  Carrie was a very physically active young woman, when she had to go through extensive surgery on her hip.   She was confined to a wheelchair for months and became extremely bored.   She found that if she “beat” around on boxes, or whatever she could find, it not only made her feel better physically, but also mentally. She did extensive research, along with MANY universities around the country and now this wonderful way of drumming has become a program used in so many different areas.  Gail, Ashley and Monica became Master Trainers for the program and have trained personally with Carrie numerous times.

Curriculum & Performing

At Joyful Noise, not only do we have a custom curriculum that we use, but we also write our own choreography to go along with music. All of this works together to create an experience for our students that is fun and develops their rhythm, motor skills, and sense of teamwork.

Our students have performed at many different events, including the Lubbock Civic Center and the Drums Alive conference in Dallas.

They love this class and it is so good for them because it is a brain and body workout! 











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