A great way to learn music is not just in a one on one setting but with a group of friends! We have classes for babies all the way up to highschool. These fun-filled times are great for developing rhythm, body coridination, motor skills, cognitive reasoning, and social skills. There are also several classes that allow students of certain instruments to use their skills from private lessons. 

Our classes are offered throughout the week and typically run from semester to semester. But don’t worry, our curriculum is designed so that your student can jump in at anytime and excel!

If you’re interested in more information regarding any of our classes, give us a call at 806-792-9300 !

Music and Movement

Music and Movement classes at Joyful Noise offer a solid foundation in music for every student.  They are fun for the kids, although the most exciting part is that each activity focuses on development skills that are so valuable to the children as their brains continue to fully develop.  Cognitive, Language, Physical, Emotional, Social and Music skills are some of the skills our curriculum works on.  The kids never realize we are working on something that is actually great for their brains.  They just think we are having fun!!!  Children may enroll at any age, although it is highly recommended that the earlier a child begins, the better the benefits.

Cuddle and Bounce (ages newborn-18 months)

Mommy’s and babies enjoy a fun time together with movement, small age appropriate manipulatives, and cuddle time!  Each class begins with a welcome song to each child by name.  The activities are great fun for parents and babies, but it is also a way for each to make new friends!

Fun Time (ages 18 months – 3 years)

The name of this class states it pretty clearly!  Children and parents both enjoy the precious moments made in this class. Children really begin to develop so many skills during this age.  It is so fun to watch them begin to communicate, jump, skip, participate in stories, laugh and make new friends.  There is a lot of movement, manipulatives, imagination, sound recognition, story time, and more during this 45 minute class.

Move and Groove (ages 3-5 years)

The children in this group, are very active!  There will be a lot of movement to steady beat, playing small instruments such as xylophones, bells, drums and more.  The children learn so much about rhythm, melodic lines in music, how to use their voices, and playing at correct times throughout a piece of music.  This class helps to prepare them for upper level classes and private lessons.

Joyful Rocker Classes (ages 5 years and up)

The Joyful Rockers do many things and are always trying something new.  The children are motivated to do activities that stretch their imagination, use thought processing, get their bodies exercising and just have a lot of fun.  Joyful Rockers performances are exciting and always intrigue the audience.  Students are often in the Joyful Rockers Classes and also in private lessons.  The class helps the skills all come together.


Our reading program is taught by a certified young child educator.  She uses many different forms of curriculum, but does make sure to teach phonics, so that the children will be ready for school.  The children learn so many skills and do not have to sit at a desk the whole class time to do so.  Children learn better while moving, so our reading teacher utilizes this to the max!  Children do get to participate in some sit down activities such as puzzles, theme papers, games, and storytime.  We have had numerous students begin to read short stories while in this class.


The dance program at Joyful Noise is perfect for the young dancer who is just beginning to the older student learning Pointe!  The most important part of our dance program is that EVERYONE will feel special.  We strive to teach them the proper dance movements to perfection, but we do it in a kind, sensitive manner.  We also incorporate into each lesson a time for creative play which is great for their development skills.  This is a fun time for the dancers, while learning through the organized activities.  At Joyful Noise, we want all of our classes to be educational and these activities help the brain development.  The students don’t know it, they are just having fun.











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