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7914 Abbeville, Lubbock

Ten Benefits of Choosing Our Music School

1. The widest range of music lessons available in one location.

Lessons offered on all instruments for all ages, music classes, dance classes, kids in motion classes, Praise, Rock and Country class, Vocal ensembles, reading class, birthday parties and more - all in one location.

Busy families can save drive time and money by scheduling multiple lessons or multiple family members on the same day.
Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them.
Our School is 6,000 sq. ft. with 20 teaching studios, and with over 30 teachers you can imagine the flexibility we have in helping you select a lesson schedule time.

People of all ages and levels come here to take music lessons. Even adults who are new to music or returning to study!

It's easy to take the next step:
Lessons are first come, first served
so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!

2. The largest and most qualified teaching faculty.

With over 30 teachers, all with University training and/or professional performance experience - you can be confident that we have the right teacher to meet your needs.

Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them, and we incorporate music theory and sight reading into your lessons, right along with helping you learn your favorite songs while improving your new performance skills.

In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, good character are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn.

Whether you have a young child who wants to try out lessons for the first time, or a high school student preparing for college entrance or a professional career in music, your personalized lessons will help you accomplish your dreams.
This ensures that YOU get to choose what your goals are, and meet them in a way that works best for you.

3. A wide range of lesson times available.

Many Class times are available to choose from and when scheduling your private lesson, we work to give you the time and day that works best for your schedule.

4. A proven track record of excellence.

With hundreds of students being taught at Joyful Noise, visit our testimonial page to see what our students are saying!
Every year, aspiring music teachers start their own studio, and a year or two later it's closed.
Joyful Noise Music Studio has a proven track record of offering quality music lessons, year round. Our full time mission is teaching music. Work on the music YOU enjoy!
We teach a wide range of musical styles, from classical piano to rock and metal, sacred to modern pop and jazz music.

5. A comfortable waiting room for parents and family members.

Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, professional waiting room with comfortable chairs, and a large selection of magazines to enjoy while waiting.
Or if you prefer you can sit in on their lesson anytime you like (for private students).

6. Fully stocked lesson studios.

Our rooms are stocked with everything you need for lessons, including keyboards, drum sets, music stands, mirrors and more. All you need to bring is your instrument.

7. Performance opportunities at each level of study.

The level of confidence you get performing cannot be achieved anywhere else. Plus, preparing for a performance motivates students to work toward a goal. Joyful Noise offers recitals in May. Although students are never forced to perform in a recital, they are encouraged to participate. We have learned through the years that if a student performs well in a recital they develop a high level of self esteem and as a result, this self esteem flows into other areas of their lives such as academics and social skills!

8. Professional Office Staff

We have three Office Staff who are available at the front Music Desk to assist our clients. We staff our Music Des k throughout our classes and lesson times, as well as many hours in between. If you have to leave a.

9. Convenient location in Southwest Lubbock.

We are located at 7914 Abbeville. If you are at the intersection of 82nd and Slide, go one block west on 82nd from Slide. Turn right on Abbeville and we are the fifth building on the left. Located in Southwest Lubbock, Joyful Noise is convenient to all of Lubbock as well as ALL neighboring cities.

10. No semester requirements or long term commitments.

Although most of our music students are with us for four and five years or more, our School does not require semester minimums or yearly commitments. We sign each student up ongoing, however if you cannot stay at the school, you simply notify our Music Desk. To avoid a penalty, you continue to take for 30 days and then your lessons will stop.