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7914 Abbeville, Lubbock

music and movement

All classes meet for 45 minutes, one time per week (No classes on holidays, etc. See calendar for details)

  • Held in kid-friendly classrooms; entire environment focuses on children
  • Include 6 developmental skills for children in addition to music. They include cognitive, language, social, physical, and emotional skills, as well as music.
  • You can enroll in at any time! Spring and Fall Semesters are 15 weeks long; Summer sessions 6 weeks long.
  • Semesters may be paid in monthly payments, through auto pay, or a one time payment if you choose.
  • Prices are prorated when you join, during the semester, so that you ONLY pay for the classes you attend.
  • Offer flexible scheduling, if your child is sick, or you are out of town, we allow you to make up by attending another class during the same semester. You just arrange for a makeup with our office manager.
  • Provide flexible scheduling for your family; many classes are offered at the same time, so you may enroll more than one child of various age groups.
  • Build upon each other; meaning your child’s growth and development is supported with continually changing curriculum and classes. It is never to late for your child to receive the benefits of music and movement, and once they’re enrolled they’ll never want to miss a class!


  • Movement and dance activities improve coordination and balance.
  • One-on-one parent and child interaction nurtures self-esteem.
  • Music-making and music listening activities develop self-discipline, as well as critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Exposure to music builds cognitive thinking skills that are beneficial in math, science, and reasoning.
  • Not to mention, the internal rhythm that is instilled even proves helpful in athletic activities and sports!


  • Every parent is the child's most important teacher.
  • Every child is musical.
  • The home is the most important learning environment.
  • Music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development.
  • Every child should experience the joy, fun, and learning which music brings to life.