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Leap n Learn Classes

The dance division of our studio was founded in order to fulfill a need where dancers could come to study ballet and other forms of dance in an education­based, positive, and encouraging, yet disciplined environment. Our mission is to provide our students with the highest quality dance education possible, so that they will gain a love and appreciation for the art of dance, as well as an enhanced sense of self­worth and accomplishment.

Classes are offered at all levels to fill every dancer’s needs, whether early beginner, basic or advanced training, or for fitness and enjoyment. Enjoyment and the love of dance, as well as skills, are undoubtedly the foundation of each lesson.

Our Childhood Division is specifically designed to provide boys and girls between the ages of two and a half years thru nine years of age with a strong foundation in dance and movement. (Note: Dancers must be two and a half years old by September 1st of the new term and potty trained ­ which demonstrates ability of control.) These classes meet once a week for 45 to 75 minutes, depending on age group. All levels are essentially structured the same, with the content based on age­appropriate developmental skills. Classes focus on pre­ballet and creative movement concepts.

In the Leap ’N Learn program, we will focus on increasing each child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development. It is a well­known fact within the area of neuropsychology and developmental psychology thatthe time between 0­7 years is the critical period of development. This is the age at which children are the most responsive to new skills. It is also known that children learn through experience and have a natural need for movement and pretend play. In the internationally acclaimed Leap ’N Learn Early Childhood Dance Curriculum, all of the above has been taken into consideration and each class is designed, structured and presented in a fun and child­friendly way, increasing a child’s love of movement and learning. This curriculum has been proven to be an excellent prerequisite for future education in dance and sports by creating a strong foundation in the understanding and awareness of music, movement, and creative problem solving. The Leap’ N Learn curriculum was written and developed by Beverly F. Spell, director and owner of The Ballet Studio and her daughter­in­law, child psychologist, Dr. Annie Spell, Ph.D., and is world renowned.

All class curriculum is age appropriate and incorporates an introduction to class environment, body movement, pretend play, spatial awareness, introduction to basic French terminology of ballet terms through creative movement and pre­ballet. More advanced curriculum will include exercises to increase musical awareness, balance, agility, gross motor development, mastering basic ballet technique, terminology, correct body placement and form, beginning barre training, as well as an introduction to modern dance taught through continued creative movement concepts and pretend play combined with performance of exercises in ‘turn­out’ and combining steps to form a ‘dance combination’. Traditional formal technique training and a creative approach to learning movement are important benefits of the Leap ‘n Learn curriculum. All classes are designed to meet the cognitive, physical, and emotional developmentalneeds of children.