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Kids in Motion

Kids in Motion classes focus on the physical developmental needs of children in a non-competitive, high-energy, exciting atmosphere. Both girls and boys learn basic fundamental skills on equipment such as mini-trampolines, beams, bars, and more! Children gain strength, balance, endurance, and most importantly confidence through these introductory tumbling classes!

These specialized classes are designed to develop the child, not the performance, through imaginative play! Gymnastics, dance, music and more are taught through fun, high-energy activities and games.

This program is dedicated to building happy, healthy, confident kids through classes that are educational and fun! Curriculum and themed lessons focus on developing motor skills, understanding body awareness, physical movement through song, learning basic tumbling and gymnastics skills, developing hand-eye coordination, tracking, balance, and sensory development.

Developmentally appropriate curriculum teaches thru use of gymnastic challenges that support motor skill development including; balance, coordination, hand-eye, eye-foot activities, musicand movement, problem solving, and locomotion skills. The atmosphere is fun and non-competitive, assisting children through developmental learning on equipment such as beams, mini-tramp, bars, and more. Warm up and strength building is done in each class through fun movements accompanied by energetic music, while flexibility, body awareness, muscle development, and confidence are taught through games!

The benefits of these classes all enhance the child's academic development and the lifelong confidence and coordination learned through our program will carry through the rest of their lives! It’s the best educational investment you can make for your child. Brainand developmental research show that early childhood education is essential to the wiring of a child’s brain. These imperative first years last forever, and Kids in Motion is here to support the physical developing needs of your child while preparing them for the future. Best of all, it’s fun!

Activities include obstacle courses, where climbing, swinging, hanging, balancing, crawling, sliding, and taking turns is experienced. Circle time, imaginative and pretend play, and creative movement combined with ball activities, parachute play, climbing, rolling, balancing, and jumping for unforgettable fun. Critical thinking is encouraged through fine motor play, games, and cooperative play. Benefits from this class include turn-taking, acceptance of others, listening to instructions, and developing socialskills. These prepare and support future educational skills each child needs.

Classes divided by age:
Mommy & Me – 18 months to 3 years
Preschool Level – 3 thru 5 years