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Joyful Jubilees


Singing makes us ALL happy! In the Joyful Jubilee Class, children get to sing fun songs that they love! During class time, they will participate in real life songs that interest them and teach them valuable information about life, while learning to sing with their best voice! Throughout the semester, vocal coaches use fun objects to teach skills that will last the students a lifetime. While pretending to cook apples, or singing along with a puppet, the children learn to sing with vocal techniques that prepare them for using their voices to the fullest.


Not only do children love to sing, but they also love to perform! Mommy’s and Daddy’s get to be audiences all day long! Joyful Noise prepares the Jubilees to share their talents with others! During the year, along with learning fun songs using very interesting manipulatives, the children are taught songs that they can share in a performance. Joyful Jubilees are always welcome at Assisted Living Facilities, parties, community functions and more. They even perform at the Joyful Noise Recital in May.


The Joyful Jubilee Class works as an addition to other classes offered at Joyful Noise. Most, if not all, of the students enrolled in the Jubilee class already participate in other classes at Joyful Noise. These students receive a special discount to be in the Joyful Jubilee Class.

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Students may enroll in the Joyful Jubilee Class at any time.It is an ongoing class through the school year and summer. For 3-5 year olds, there are several different class times to choose from. Five years and up join on Tuesday afternoon to sing. Call today for details and to get your child enrolled!!!